Message of the Venerable Nandisena for the day of the Buddha (2014)


Message from the Venerable Bhikkhu Nandisena for the day of the Buddha 2014

According to the tradition the Buddha theravada was born, lit up and died
on the same day. The Buddha was born a day of full moon of the second month
Lunar, in 623 BCE; He attained enlightenment a second full moon day
lunar month thirty-five years later, in 588 BCE, and died in the eighties
years a full moon day of the second lunar month, in 543 BCE.

The name in pali – language that according to the theravada tradition the
same Buddha used to transmit the discovery of your lighting
the world – of the second lunar month, it is Vesākha. The second lunar month of
Vesākha generally coincides with the month of may of the calendar
Gregorian. The triple event of birth celebration, lighting and
death of the Buddha is called Vesākha-pūja, the feast of the month of
Vesākha. Is for this reason that at present the day of the Buddha is
known as Vesak.

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